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Picnic Terms & Conditions 



All written quotes are valid for 7 days from the date of issue.

To confirm acceptance of our quotation, a non-refundable deposit must be paid to secure the date & booking.


Upon your acknowledgement to proceed with your booking, Coastal Rush requires a non-refundable deposit of 50% of your total invoice to be paid

This secures our services, your date & time requested & blocks out the date for any other interested parties.

Coastal Rush reserves the right to offer the chosen date to others interested if a deposit is not paid.

We currently only accept Bank EFT.

Please ensure the invoice number and your name is used as a reference for all payments made and a copy of remittance is forwarded to our email address,

On the day - Please arrive on time to your picnic, we often have back to back picnics & are unable to wait for an extended period of time & failure to notify of lateness may result in forfeiting your picnic & picnic being packed up if no notice is given.



If you choose to cancel your booking, all deposits paid shall be forfeited.

We do not refund due to lost business, however Coastal Rush do offer a rescheduling or credit for future use & work with you to find an alternative suitable date (valid for 12 months from original invoice date) Subject to Availability

By accepting a quotation or proceeding with a booking & paying a deposit to secure your date, the client is in acknowledgement of acceptance of our terms & conditions as outlined on your invoice & our Coastal Rush website.

Third Party Suppliers such as catering and florists require notice of 1 week for any cancellations.

After this time the full fee will be charged and customer will be responsible for collection.

Please note if your number of Guests drop after your booking has been finalised our no refund policy applies.


Due to the nature of our business being mostly outdoors and based in a coastal location, we can often be presented with unpredictable & inclement weather, Rain & Strong winds.

We advise to always have an alternate back up plan or be willing to reschedule if the weather is too wet or unsafe to set up outdoors. 

Most Accommodation, Airbnb, units etc work with us to allow set up in rooms or in under cover areas.

We do have use of Halls & function rooms (hire costs apply ) that if free may be able to also be used.

Strong Winds can make for an uncomfortable setting & pose a risk to our pieces being damaged, in this case Coastal Rush will advise if a location change is deemed necessary.

*Please note in circumstances out of our control, such as rain during your event or unpredicted inclement weather, our cancellation policy applies & no refunds will be given. 


The customer is responsible for the security of all items provided for hire during the event, hence the reason we ask that our picnics are not left unattended.

Only the specified number of people paid for are to use our equipment, any extra persons attending a picnic or event must be notified prior to your picnic and paid for in accordance with our fees.

We ask that you leave the picnic set up in a respectfully clean & tidy manner

All rubbish cleared or placed on tables & secured

Cushions, throws or napkins are not left on sand or near water

DOGS - if you wish to bring your fur baby along, please keep them off furniture, rugs & cushions - due to health & safety as well as the upkeep of our products, if animal hair or marks are caused by them an additional cleaning fee will be incurred.

If excess cleaning & pack up above what is normally required or acceptable it is at Coastal Rush's discretion to charge the client an additional cleaning fee.


We do ask that all of our items are respected & looked after during your event. 

Upon pack up if any of our pieces are missing, damaged, stained or  broken, the client is responsible for any costs incurred to replace or repair.

This also includes any fabrics or items excessively stained, soiled,  including water damage, the replacement, repair or excess cleaning fee will be charged to the client. 

Please ensure all cutlery, napkins cups, table wear is not placed in sand.


As we outsource all of our catering, each of our suppliers provide food items fresh at the start time of your picnic or event. As a general guide unrefridgerated food is safe to eat for up to 4 hours at which after that it is solely at the clients discretion to consume after this time.

Coastal Rush takes no responsibility for 3rd party suppliers.

Wedding Terms & Conditions 

1.Bookings/Deposits & Payments

1.1 Quotations are valid for 7 days from date of issue.

Upon Acceptance of your quote via verbal or written communication, a non-refundabledeposit payment of $1000 is required to secure your date & confirm Coastal Rush services. 

A date cannot be held until a deposit is received.

If no confirmation is communicated within 7 days & a subsequent client wishes to place a booking on the same date(s), the client holding the tentative booking will be notified & given 2 days’ notice to release the date or confirm their booking.

The booking fee once paid is non refundable and non transferable and will be forfeited to Coastal Rush if you should cancel your booking
In acceptance of your quote & payment of deposit, this is taken as an understanding of all terms and conditions of business contained in the document and that you are happy to proceed with working exclusively with Coastal Rush & holding your wedding at 1770 Getaway.

1.2  3rd Party Vendor quotes obtained by Coastal Rush (if listed separately & not part of a total package price) require a 20% deposit to secure their services once their final quote is accepted & payable to Coastal Rush within 7 days of acceptance

Coastal Rush manages all payments of 3rd party vendors listed on the invoice on your behalf

Quotations are subject to change pending final decisions, requirements, additional add ons.

1.3. The Client is to pay a minimum of 50% of the balance owing 6 months prior to the booking date with final payment of balance due 28 days prior to the event date

Every endeavour will be made to maintain the price as quoted, however it is subject to change. Should any increases occur, we will notify you immediately

2. Cancellation of bookings

2.1 In the unfortunate event the client chooses to cancel a booking, Coastal Rush must be notified in writing. 

Cancellation terms and conditions are as follows:

a). A No Refund Policy applies to all Coastal Rush Bookings & covers all 3rd party vendors listed on the invoice/quotation

We do offer rescheduling & will work with you to accommodate a date change, however a cancellation fee of $500 is applicable

b). If the client chooses to cancel an event booking without wanting to consider a rescheduling, all monies paid shall be forfeited & a cancellation fee will apply for any expenses already incurred by Coastal Rush

c). Pending timeframe of cancellation the client may be liable to finalise/ pay for any 3rd party costings for already prepped items or food & will need to collect - this will be at the discretion of the vendors

2.2 If the Client requests a Change of Date due to circumstances out of reasonable control, we will work with you to find an alternative date subject to availability

a). If you choose to reschedule within 4-6months you will incur a $1000 fee, due to additional work involved with a date change & blocking out your date to other interested parties resulting in lost business as well as other factors a date change causes.

b). If late Notice of change to date is given to Third Party Suppliers due to any prepped food or items will have to paid for & collected.

c). Coastal Rush is not responsible for interruption or cancellation of bookings due to extreme weather events or other circumstances beyond its reasonable control & a No Refund Policy applies but a rescheduling will be offered & we will do our best to accommodate a suitable date

3. Weather/ Back Up Plan

3.1 Due to the nature of our business being mostly outdoors and based in a coastal location, we can often be presented with rapidly changing weather, be it rain or strong winds.

It is imperative to have a suitable back up plan in place & if need be the final decision will be at service providers (Coastal Rush's) discretion whether the outdoor setting is deemed unsuitable to go ahead & if the back up plan is to be actioned

3.2 We cannot set up in rain or inclement weather conditions due to safety of all involved, therefore your back up plan is imperative.

3.3 If unpredicted rain does occur on your event day, our no refund policy applies & all efforts will be made to action your backup plan

4.Use of Equipment & Venue

4.1 Any damage to the venue, equipment, contents, or fittings including any breakages, missing pieces or excess cleaning above what is normally required or acceptable, caused by or arising from activities associated with the wedding function will be invoiced directly to the client at the conclusion of the function/event.

This also includes any fabrics or items excessively stained, soiled, including water damage, the replacement, repair or excess cleaning fee will be charged to the client.

4.2 We ask that no guest move or change any items/decor positioning or Remove from Event

4.3 Only the specified number of guests are to use our equipment, any extra persons attending an event must be notified prior to your event and paid for in accordance with our fees.

4.4 We ask that you leave the event in a respectfully clean & tidy manner

All rubbish placed in bins provided

Cushions, throws or napkins are not left on grounds

Please ensure all glassware, crockery, cutlery, napkins cups, table wear is not placed on ground & returned to tables or Bar 

5. Alcohol and Drinks:

5.1 Alcohol and drinks are to be supplied by the client. Guests are not permitted to bring their own alcohol to the venue, all alcohol must be supplied as a bulk delivery

5.2 Getaway is a BYO venue & Responsible Service of Alcohol practice applies.

Staff have the right to refuse alcohol to any guest showing signs of inappropriate behaviour or being unduly intoxicated & if necessary the guest(s) will be directed to leave the premises immediately

The client must ensure their guests accept and comply with all directions given by staff in relation to RSA requirements. 

5.3 Under no circumstances are under age guests permitted to consume alcohol. 

5.4 Last drinks will be called 30minutes prior to the nominated closing time 

5. The Hirer is also responsible for 

5.1 Ensuring any recorded music or live entertainment performances do not exceed volume limits proscribed by State or Local Government noise limits for outdoor functions. 

Coastal Rush will assist in monitoring noise levels and advise the client to adjust volumes when necessary to comply with specified permitted decibel limits.

5.2 Maintaining good order and ensuring all guests act responsibly at all times while in attendance.

*Copyright Coastal Rush 
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